New Weapons, Gameplay Mechanics, Co-Operative Story Mission and more

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 — Global publisher is pleased to announce that the impactful new update, entitled Icebreaker, is launching for the free-to-play online shooter today. Next to a wealth of competitive game modes, in which players pursue dominance of the rankings, Warface features unique and narrative driven Co-Op missions. Players choose their favorite class and join forces with four friends to take down the highly tactical and AI controlled ‘Blackwood’ enemy forces, in missions around the globe. The brand-new Special Ops Mission Icebreaker, represents the turning point in the storyline as ‘Blackwood’ takes the battle to the players and the Warface main base. The enemy launches a massive airstrike and naval attack and deploys experimental offensive technologies as well as assault helicopters and warships. Players will need to stand their ground against this onslaught to make it through the day and reap the rewards – including all-new weapons for each class.

New in Icebreaker:

  • A brand-new narrative, advancing the Warface Storyline.
  • Action-packed Co-Operative mission - Icebreaker
  • New enemies, including a massive Blackwood battlecruiser that serves as the Spec Ops boss.
  • New Weapons, like the M14 Crazy Horse semi-automatic rifle for the Sniper class and the PM-84 Glauberyt custom submachine gun for Medic class players.
  • New achievements
  • Improved loading times
  • Bug fixes and other gameplay enhancements

Account Transition:

Since February, 2017 Warface is published by in North America and Europe while Crytek studio focused on the development aspect of the game. Currently carries out a massive operation to transition players’ accounts. All characters, items, rewards, achievements and currency balance will be saved. More information on this process is available here

Warface - Operation: Icebreaker Trailer

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