The Critically Acclaimed Shooter is out now on PlayStation 4; Starter Packs and DLC plans revealed

Global publisher My.com proudly announces that its modern military shooter phenomenon Warface is available worldwide on the PlayStation®4. PS4 owners can now download the free-to-play title from the PlayStation store and enlist in the renowned ranks of the Warface faction. With an impressive arsenal of competitive game modes, players can jump straight into action or join with up to four friends to take down the tactically advanced forces of AI controlled Blackwood faction. Additionally, the team revealed new details for the game’s upcoming DLC.

PS4 owners finally can experience Warface’s full range of gameplay options first hand. PvE fans will enjoy the variety of challenging co-op raids, such as Anubis, The HQ, Blackout and Earthshaker, each with their own mission goals and exotic locations. For gamers that prefer the thrill of competing against people, the game offers six PvP modes on 19 diverse maps. Whichever mode is played, success will depend on teamwork and selecting the right mix of soldier classes, each with unique loadouts and special abilities. Choose to play as the Rifleman, Sniper, Medic or Engineer and equip accurately detailed weapons to operate in explosive action taking place around the globe.

In addition to the launch, the team announced new details about the post launch support for Warface. The first four DLCs are already in the works, which will add four new raids (including the legendary Pripyat spec-op), three game modes (including Battle Royale) and 40 unique maps, each one allowing for diverse approaches and tactical opportunities. Information regarding further DLCs will be added to the game’s official site regularly.

Also, five Starter Packs are now available in the PlayStation store., Four of which are custom tailored to the needs of each class. A fifth, the Collector’s Edition, combines it all while packing even more weapons and bonuses to add to the personal armory. Starter packs are the perfect setup for players to get a head start with great weapons and unique looks for your character: Starter Pack Page

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Maikel van Dijk PR Manager, My.com
Maikel van Dijk PR Manager, My.com
About Warface

Warface is a fast-paced shooter crammed with cooperative and competitive action, stacks of game modes and a wealth of weapons for players to get their hands on. Gamers can choose to play as Riflemen, Medics, Snipers or Engineers as they work together and attempt to uproot the Blackwood military faction in Co-op play, or choose their side and lock horns with fellow players in versus battles. More info on the console version can be found here at the Warface console product page.

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