April Update includes new rank, weapons and balance changes

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 — Global publisher My.com is pleased to announce the latest update for Warface launched today introducing a host of exciting additions including the prestigious nano-suits from the award-winning Crysis series. These new uniforms are as practical as they are beautiful: based on the famous stealth suits, they include Kevlar pads and enhancing exo-skeleton pieces. This stylish and fear inducing outfit provides players with the perfect complment to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of Warface's missions.

Warface's new update increases its highest rank to 82 called ‘Spartan’. Earning this rank will prove to be a challenge, but those who obtain it will earn the respect of their teammates and will be known among their foes. The update also adds new weapons such as the legendary bolt-action WT308 sniper rifle, as well as a medic class-specific CV-12 shotgun. The FY-103 was readjusted in terms of balance, aimed to provide more satifying for players to use while making it more competitive as well. Lastly, the ARX160 saw an overhaul in its statistics as well.

The update also touches upon the PvP scene, introducing a new "Overtime" feature to be added to two game modes -- "Plant the Bomb" and "Capture". Overtime adds extra time to the match, helping to determine the winner in case of an even score and provokes the players to take action. 

Maikel van Dijk PR Manager at My.com